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Market and Economic Commentaries

11.17.20 2 Reasons Long-Term Rates Could Continue to Rise

Fixed income investors aren’t used to having to deal with the volatility of stocks, but in the year that is 2020, that is exactly what has happened thus far. Unfortunately, while we don’t see the volatilit...

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11.16.20 Q3 Results Brighten 2021 Picture

Corporate America delivered quite an encore to a surprisingly good second quarter earnings season with more of the same in the third quarter, despite a higher bar. S&P 500 Index companies didn’t quite match ...

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11.16.20 Small Caps Join the New-Highs Party

It took more than two years, but small caps finally broke out to new highs, as the Russell 2000 Index on Friday closed at its first new high since August 31, 2018.   This capped off one of the...

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Investment Management

Our personal customized approach to money management incorporates efficiencies introduced by recent technology. We believe most investors benefit from a core global market portfolio. This can be potentially achieved through the use of ETFs dynamically modeled for a specific risk tolerance and investment objective. These portfolios are designed to reduce the two stresses on a portfolio within our control – taxes and internal expenses. Supplemental portfolios are designed to increase yield and/or create stability, as strategies requiring more customization.


Wealth portfolios are managed by SFG’s Investment Advisory Team, led by Jeremy Olen, CFA®, and overseen by Jane Scarbrough, CFP®, Founder and Managing Principal. Our team meets monthly to review market conditions and global economic trends and analyze how these factors impact portfolio construction. Collectively, we bring broad industry experience to the investment process, an approach which has contributed to the success of our dynamic platform.